My teaching philosophy

I believe most¬†anyone can learn to play guitar. Don’t feel you have any talent? Great! Because, I believe the idea of talent is mostly a myth. This is to say, I don’t think anyone is born with an innate ability to do anything, including playing a musical instrument. When you see your favorite musician perform, what you don’t see are the days, months, and years of consistent and repetitious practice that s/he put in prior to performing your favorite songs.

Sure, some people tend to “get” certain aspects of playing guitar where others may struggle. For example, one person may really get music theory but have difficulty with rhythm. Another person may have the physical “knack” of forming chord forms with ease, but have difficulty anticipating the chord changes. Everyone has their strengths and weakness. That said, if you are willing to put in the practice and dedication, then you too can play the guitar, regardless of what you think are your strengths and weaknesses. And, I can help you do this!

I teach with one goal in mind: TO GET YOU RESULTS! While my approach is results oriented, I also use a student centered approach which means that you, the student, will play an integral role in defining what results mean for you and what goals you want and expect to achieve. Furthermore, as your instructor, I not only instruct, but I also coach. As your guitar instructor, I will teach you concepts and then coach you on how to make use of those concepts as they relate to your specific goals.