More About Me

Music is my passion and I love playing, singing, songwriting, and sharing my passion with others! I’ve been playing guitar for nearly 18 years and also play a few other instruments (some better than others) including mandolin, piano, harmonica, accordion, and hand percussion, although guitar is my main instrument. In terms of education, I have a BA in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and a Master of Social Work from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

I teach private lessons out of my home. My focus in on acoustic guitar, although most of what is learned can be applied to electric guitar as well. The styles of music I play center around folk, folk rock, country rock, and acoustic rock with an occasional deviation into bluegrass. I can also teach basic music theory as well as songwriting. Don’t let the dreaded word “theory” scare you off, though! I can teach you theory without you even knowing it!

Group Lessons

Group lessons fall into two categories:

  1. Semi-private instruction
  2. Group classes

Semi-private instruction refers to a small group of students (2-4) of similar musical interests and playing abilities who share a time slot for private instruction. Basically, it’s just like one-on-one instruction, but with more than one student. Group classes, on the other hand, are time limited (usually 6 to 8 weeks in duration) and are designed for a specific purpose. Think “Guitar 101” or something along those lines. These classes consist of 5 or more students (usually 5 to 10 students) to whom instruction is provided in a classroom setting.

Currently, I’m only offering one-on-one and semi-private instruction, but if group classes interest you, please let me know and I’ll contact you if/when I set something up.

One Off Lessons

Are you interested in taking guitar lessons but, for whatever reason, cannot commit to a standard weekly or bi-weekly time slot? Then a one off lesson may be just for you! Here’s how it works. Occasionally, one of my regular students needs to cancel or reschedule, thus opening up a slot in my schedule. When this occurs, I’ll send an email to everyone on my waiting list offering that spot to the first person who responds. All you need to do is register as a new student (via the following instructions) which will automatically place you on my waiting list. You’ll then receive an email from me any time a slot opens up in my schedule. You only need to respond if you would like to reserve that single slot.

Okay, sounds good! How do we get started?

Have you read over my teaching philosophy yet? Do you feel we’d be a good fit? If so, make sure to read over my lesson policies, then navigate to the new students section and let’s get the ball rolling! Still have additional questions? Then contact me and ask away!